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Presentation Details

Poster Presentations at the Congress, Simposya and Workshops
Posters will have dedicated sessions on the technical program of the congress, during which authors must be next to their poster to answer questions. The poster must not exceed the A0 (84 cm X 118 cm) portrait format. Please use an appropriate font size for the posters so that they are readable by the participants from 1.5 meter away. The poster message should be clear and understandable even without oral explanation. Please assure the poster is placed on the board before the beginning of the poster session. Authors are required to stand by their posters during the whole poster session, during which the participation certificates will be distributed. The poster must be printed beforehand and brought along to the congress by the author. Alternatively, the congress may provide a printing and transportation service but you must contact the secretariat at least one month ahead before the congress dates, inquiring about costs and deadlines. Please note that it is not acceptable to print A4 sheets and hang them at the poster board.

In addition to the regular poster session, we would like to offer poster authors the opportunity to present their work orally in a special session - entitled "fast forward" - to be included in the technical program of the event. As the name indicates, this session intends to be very dynamic, as each author will have only 1 slide and 75 seconds to present the poster. The total duration of the "fast forward" session cannot exceed 90 minutes, therefore only 60 posters can be accommodated, on a first-come first-served basis. As explained, this is optional and does not replace the regular poster presentation, which will be scheduled typically as a 1h30 session.


Oral Presentations at the Congress, Symposia and Workshops
All technical session rooms are equipped with a video projector and a computer running Microsoft Windows with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is recommended that your presentation is uploaded to PRIMORIS before the congress, which ensures that it will be stored at the aforementioned computer by the time it is needed. However, you may prefer to bring it in a USB drive (also recommended as a backup precaution). Using your own laptop or smart device, as long as it is enabled with VGA output connection is possible but not recommended. The presenter should prepare a set of slides that clearly illustrate the main points of her/his paper, and make sure the presentation fits well within the assigned time slot, leaving at least 5 minutes for a period of question-answering. Should sound be required, the presenter is kindly requested to contact the congress secretariat at least 3 weeks in advance in order to ensure proper arrangements. The rooms are not normally equipped with a sound amplification system.


Doctoral Consortium
The student should prepare a set of slides that clearly illustrate the main points of her/his Ph.D. project, and make sure the presentation fits well within the assigned 15 minutes slot, leaving time enough for a period of question-answering from the advisory board, who’s comments are expected to be helpful for the progression of her/his Ph.D. project. It is normal to have slots of time when up to 3 Ph.D. related projects are presented and then have those presentations analyzed by the advisory board.


Demonstrations can be performed as oral presentations or as part of the technical exhibition. In any case, it is required to avoid a commercial format, even if the demo consists of presenting a business product or service. Instead, the presentation should focus on technical aspects. If the presentation is made orally it will follow the same rules as for other oral presentations (please see above).